Food and booze choices of millennials

Andrew DiLorenzo, 26, is a beer guy -- a craft beer guy to be exact. Anthony is not alone. A recent survey found that many male millennials prefer craft beer over other adult beverages. And their generation's influence on what we eat and drink is getting bigger and bigger.

Maryleigh Bliss is an editor at, which specializes in youth marketing and millennial research. She found that part of the appeal is products with stories behind them.

If it's craft beer for the guys, then popular with females is food in bowls. Bliss believes the marriage of millennials and food is driven by social media, namely sites like Pinterest and Instagram, where endless pictures of what was eaten for breakfast, dinner or dessert can be found. And mostly millennials do that posting. And some admit to trying a restaurant just because of picture from a post.

But some Instagram pics of homemade dishes do look tasty, cooked and photographed not posted by a millennial at all -- but yours truly.