Florida man points AR-15 in Uber driver's face, forces him to ground for dropping daughter off: deputies

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A Florida father was arrested over the weekend after pulling an AR-15 rifle on an Uber driver who dropped his daughter off at his home, according to deputies.

Sean Hollonbeck, 54, of Milton, was taken to jail on charges of false imprisonment of a person and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

On May 4, shortly before 11 p.m., an Uber driver arrived at Hollonbeck's home to drop off the suspect's daughter.

The young female was still in the vehicle when she saw her father run up to the driver with an AR-15 in hand and force him to the ground, according to an arrest report.


Sean Hollonbeck (Photo via Santa Rosa County jail)

She recalled Hollonbeck "acting crazy" as he waved the gun around and yelled, the report stated.

Deputies said Hollonbeck pointed the gun in the driver's face and screamed at him to get out of the car, as his daughter went inside the home. 

The report stated the daughter had friends over at the home who also witnessed the incident. 


Hollonbeck forced the driver to show his driver's license before taking pictures of it and letting him go, deputies said.

Hollonbeck admitted to his actions and said he was "afraid for his daughter's safety and didn't know who she was with or that she had left without permission," according to the report. 

He was booked into the Santa Rosa County jail and later released after posting bond, jail records show.