Florida man has close encounter with dolphin chasing snook

A dolphin got up close and personal with a South Florida man as it chased a snook in shallow waters in Boca Grande. 

Corey Brehm recorded the encounter, which started with the dolphin several yards away, splashing in the water near some kayakers. 

As the dolphin continued to pursue its prey, it came closer to Brehm, eventually chasing the fish right between his legs.

dolphin boca grande

Corey Brehm had a close encounter with a dolphin in Boca Grande, FL

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"There's the snook he's chasing!" Brehm said as the dolphin came closer. "Snook just went between my legs!"

Seconds later, the dolphin conquered its conquest and Brehm said "he got it!" adding a "thank you" to the dolphin for the show and encouraging it to "enjoy that dinner."

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