Flashfood app brings affordable food options to Stop & Shop

Forgo the aisles and instead use the Flashfood app to save in some supermarkets.

Eggs, bread, and other staples are posted on the app-based marketplace where some 60 Stop & Shop locations across New York State are now discounting food near its best-by-date and other everyday items for up to half off.

"Prices are still high, so everyone is looking for ways to save," said Daniel Wolk with Stop and Shop. 

Perishables including produce, bakery items, and milk get marked down and placed in the designated Flashfood zone. Customers can search by store location to see what’s available.

The app is available in every state there’s a Stop & Shop. Within the next year or two, the hope is to bring it to every one of their locations.

For many, the app is a way to make products more affordable at a time when inflation is high.

But not everyone is tech-savvy, and some people prefer to do the shopping themselves, Randi Shubin Dresner with Island Harvest Food Bank calls it a mixed blessing.  

Offering savings for customers while still supporting the community in need.