First Taiwanese-style chicken restaurant opens in NYC

Get EGG-CITED, New Yolk City is now serving up Taiwanese-style fried chicken at Chunky Boss in Midtown.  

Chunky Boss originated in the Philippines. 

This is their first location in the US. It opened on April 18, 2023, and lines have been out the door! 

"It was really good. It was really crunchy, super juicy, really flavorful," a customer said.

Who knew a chicken cutlet could get so much attention? 

FOX 5 NY's Linda Schmidt talked to customers about how their chicken exceeded all their eggs-pectations

"It's giant. It's chunky. It's juicy," a customer said.

Chris, a customer, is back for round two this week at Tiger Sugar where they recently started serving up Chunky Boss Chicken.  

"My friend saw it on Instagram and said it's very popular from Taiwan. So, we just want to give it a chance," Chris said. 

 Another customer emphasized:

Chunky Boss is known for their golden chicken cutlets. 

Lots of customers found out about Chunky Boss on TikTok and has been one of the hottest new spots in NYC. 

Customers even say "the best in the area."

What makes the experience unique at Chunky Boss is that customers can choose from four different seasonings and four dipping sauces. 

Seasonings include:

  • Classic pepper powder
  • Spicy powder
  • Plum powder
  • Original seasoning

Dipping sauces include: 

  • Cheese sauce
  • Mango sauce
  • Honey mustard
  • Sweet and Chili sauce

Boss French fries and plum sweet potato fries are popular side dishes. 

But don't chicken out, get there early because they run out fast!

Chunky Boss is located at 129 E 45th St, NY 10017. 

The restaurant is open from 11:30am - 7pm.