Firefighters rescue dog from tree in Colorado

Lily, a dog from Fountain, Colorado, channeled her inner feline on December 13 when she managed to get herself stuck in a tree, requiring firefighters to rescue her. 

“Today on my exciting life, Lily decided she was going to climb into the tree this morning and get stuck,” Lily's owner, Kayla Champion wrote on Facebook. “Couldnt [sic] get her down without falling so the fire department had to come.”

Champion said that when she went to look for Lily, she could hear her crying above her, in a tree 20 feet or more in the air, and her husband tried coaxing the dog to jump from the branch into his arms.

“I figured if the fire department helps cats out of the tree so why not dogs! So I call the local fire department (Fountain Colorado Fire Department) and I said ‘I think I have the right place for my problem.’”

She said the Fountain Fire Department told her they thought the call was a “prank” and even the fire crews were taking photos of the dog in the tree.