Family says pregnant mother of 2 was en route to celebrate Easter Sunday when she was killed

The search continues for a gunman who killed a pregnant woman on Easter Sunday. 

It happened just after 1 p.m. Sunday near Richmond and Wilcrest in west Houston.

Brianna Navarro, 22, was six months pregnant with her third son. She leaves behind a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old son. 

"Brianna didn’t deserve to die like this. She really didn’t. She wasn’t a problem maker, she wasn’t especially with her two kids," said Loretta Roma, Brianna's grandmother. 

Brianna was on her way to celebrate Easter Sunday with her mother when police say a car rammed into the back of hers and fired multiple gunshots. One of the bullets struck Brianna in the back, killing her. 


Roma rushed to the scene from Wharton, mortified to see the pregnant mother of two lying lifeless on the ground.  

"Six months pregnant for them to just leave her there, laying down, and not picking her up. You know, taking so long because you want to enjoy happy Easter with your family when you know you have a job to do," Roma said. 

Roma said she wonders if Brianna's baby could’ve been saved. 

Police say Brianna was in the front passenger's seat while her boyfriend was driving. Her 2-old son, Brian, was sitting in the back when she was shot. 

Her boyfriend admitted to investigators he’d gotten in an argument with someone at a nearby convenience store just before the deadly confrontation. More than a day later, no suspects have been named. 

"I’d like to know that individual that took her life, how would it make you feel? To take someone else’s life? Did you not realize the harm and danger that you’re causing the family? That you’re causing us and my daughter? It hurts me to see her cry constantly. And not understand why," Roma said. 

Roma, frustrated and angered by the entire situation, is pleading with whoever's responsible to tell the truth. 

"Come forward. What if it was your child? I know I would do the right thing if I saw something," Roma said. 


Authorities are now reviewing surveillance video but say they don’t believe it’s road rage. 

If you know anything about this case, call Houston police or Crime Stoppers.