Family mistakenly buys $10K in Disney+ gift cards thinking they were good for purchases in theme parks

A Midwest family's vacation to Walt Disney World almost took a heartbreaking and disappointing turn after they realized that the $10,000 in gift cards they bought for the trip were for Disney's streaming service – and not for the Florida theme parks.

That's right, the family accidentally purchased a hundred $100 gift cards for Disney+, Disney's online streaming service, and not for the Disney theme parks and resorts. 

It was an honest mistake, Andie Coston said in a TikTok video about her family's faux pas, which has since gone viral.

In a Zoom interview with FOX 35, Coston said her parents purchased the gift cards from Sam's Club as a gift for her family, but didn't realize there was a difference in the gift cards between Disney+ and the theme parks.

"We just kind of sat there like… ‘Uh?’ I had to ask [my dad] like three times, ‘Did I hear you? Is what you said correct?’ Then I got to the table where the cards were, and then I saw it," Coston said.

"We were just kind of downtrodden at that point. He looks at me, and he goes, ‘Can you tell mom?’ and I looked at him and I said, ‘No! You married her!’"


A photo showing $10,000 worth of Disney+ gift cards. Photo: Andie Coston

They were initially planning to visit Walt Disney World in 2020, but their trip had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it's been trip years in the making.

Coston said they booked their flights before they realized the gift card mixup. 



Photo: Andie Coston

So far, Coston's TikTok explaining the ordeal – and poking a little fun at the situation – has been viewed more than 2.5 million times. Hundreds of comments have been left, some people saying they made the same mistake.

Fortunately, after all the attention, Coston said Disney reached out and agreed to exchange their Disney+ gift cards for cards that could be used at the theme parks – a trip saver. They're planning to be in Florida over the Christmas holiday.

Their first stop: Disney's Magic Kingdom.