Falcons championship gear removed from store

It was a little premature celebration for one sporting goods store in Atlanta.  Workers started filling shelves with Super Bowl champions gear featuring the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night before the game was over.

It seemed like an easy call to start filling the shelves with the items as the Falcons were up by a 28-3 score in the third quarter.  Workers put Atlanta Super Bowl champion shirts on mannequins and put rows and rows of hats and other championship gear out on the shelves in anticipation of a Monday morning rush on the gear.

After the New England Patriots historic comeback, all of that work was for naught and the workers had to quickly start taking it off of the shelves.  There was no word if they had Patriots gear to replace on the shelves.

The Dick's  Sporting Goods store was closed at the time so it’s not believed that any of the mistaken merchandise made it into circulation.

The final score of the overtime game was 34-28.