Entrepreneur says working makes her a better mom

Jas Kaur is a mom of four who is extremely dedicated to her family, but she is just as dedicated to her job.

"I want to inspire a lot of moms who are stay-at-home moms to come out and work," Jas said. "They have all that energy and zest in them, they can get out in the world and work."

The supermom knew she always wanted to work in a capacity where she could help others. So last March she launched Goodwill Glasses, an organization that donates a pair of eyeglasses for every pair purchased.

Jas brings her glasses to homes as a way of giving families a personal and intimate experience. Her inspiration for Goodwill Glasses came from her 11-year-old son, Mehar. In 2014, Mehar was in the hospital for three weeks from a bacterial infection. Jas credits healthcare workers for saving her son's life.

"The way they helped my son to revive from the situation inspired me that I should do good for the children and for people in need who really can't afford glasses," Jas said.

Jas believes working and being a good parent is totally doable. In fact, she thinks working makes her a better mom.

"That will definitely make the kids very confident that their moms are working mothers," she said. "Working moms handling the home and the children and school, it's just an amazing feeling."

For Jas, being a working mom makes her feel more empowered and makes her feel like she can teach her kids the importance of having a strong work ethic. She also understands that every family situation is different, and ultimately each mom has to do whatever works best for her.