Employers dropping weight loss drugs from insurance coverage

More and more employers are opting to cancel insurance coverage of popular weight-loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. 

Wegovy, Ozempic and other drugs prescribed for obesity and type-2 diabetes have recently become in high demand since they work so well for weight loss. The drugs are expensive without insurance, the injections can cost about $1,200 a month.

"Ozempic is a very expensive drug and, you know, it's really only for, you know, diabetes and severe obesity and where the costs really add up are when people that might be slightly overweight, maybe have a little double chin like me, maybe a little bit of a beer belly, and they want to lose the weight," said Dave Dillon, a health care actuary. "And, you know, Ozempic is about $12,000 a year. And that can add up very fast when more and more people take."

Sometime in the future generic versions of these weight loss drugs  may become available.  Until then the cost without insurance is high especially because doctors say many patients need to stay on them long term.