Employees to get Twinkies as tax-reform bonuses

The company that makes Twinkies is giving the sweets to employees as part of a tax reform bonus.

Missouri based Hostess Brands announced it was providing bonuses to more than 1,000 workers because of the recently enacted tax legislation.

The company will give $750 in cash and a $500 401k contribution to employees.  And to "further sweeten the benefit" it will also offer a year’s worth of free product to all employees.

In a letter to employees, executive chairman C. Dean Metropoulos said: “A representative from each bakery location will choose a 'product of the week' for the bakery and all employees will be eligible to take home one multi-pack of the week’s selection, every week for a year."

The Twinkie was invented in 1930.  The company also makes Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Donettes and fruit pies.  The company went bankrupt and the assets were bought by another company to bring it out of bankruptcy as a much smaller company.