Drunk man takes $1,600 Uber to New Jersey

A New Jersey man who got drunk in West Virginia and mistakenly ordered a $1,635.93 Uber ride back to his home state of New Jersey says the experience was "crazy."

Kenny Bachman thought he was taking an Uber to where he was staying, near the West Virginia University campus.

But when his driver woke him up two hours into the more than 300-mile journey to New Jersey, Bachman says he didn't know what was happening or who the driver was.

"I guess it's a little embarrassing," Bachman says.

The trip was made more expensive because Bachman gave the driver money for tolls and ordered an UberXL, which can hold up to six passengers. %INLINE%

"It would have cost like $800 but instead it came out to $1,600," Bachman says.

He says he unsuccessfully challenged the fare with Uber, which confirmed that the ride occurred.

Bachman says he is headed back to West Virginia over the weekend to pick up his back.  He says he hopes to not make the same mistake again.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.