Drunk passenger dragged off plane after peeing on brother

Two brothers have been fined and given a lifetime ban from a British discount airline after "appalling" behavior during a flight.

One of the brothers allegedly urinated on the other during a flight, resulting in a brawl that forced the plane to divert.

It happened last month on a Jet2 flight London Stansted to Heraklion, Crete.

The airline says that Alfie and Kenneth Springthorp "displayed a catalogue of appalling behaviour onboard the aircraft which included causing damage as well as unacceptable levels of aggression and even physical violence."

A passenger told the Mirror that an empty bottle of vodka and a second half-empty bottle was found under their seats.

They went on to tell the paper, "About two and a half hours into the flight I was waiting to go to the toilet and the older brother stood up but was so drunk he couldn't stand, he needed the loo but in his drunken state peed over the younger brother who then hit him resulting in a full fist fight."

The passenger says a woman holding a baby in the seat in front of the pair was also hit in the melee.

The crew had to divert the plane to Corfu so that Greek police could remove the brothers.  The flight ended up being delayed about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Due to the crew taking so long to get to Crete they could not fly back to London the same day.  The airline said it had to provide overnight hotel rooms as well as food and drink for more than 200 customers and crew.

Now Jet2 is going after the Springthorp brothers for £50,000 (about $62,000) to pay for the costs.

In a statement, Phil Ward, Managing Director of Jet2.com said: "It is completely unacceptable that the pair caused such disruption for so many people and they must now face the consequences of their actions. As a family friendly airline, we take a zero-tolerance approach to such behaviour and we have a successful track record when it comes to pursuing and recovering any losses that we incur."

The airline apologized to the affected passengers.