'Devastating to see:' Federal agents aid Kenosha arson investigations

Federal agents have shared new images of persons of interest wanted in connection to dozens of fires set during unrest in Kenosha.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is asking the public to take a close look at the individuals captured in videos and photos taken during the unrest.

"We were able to narrow it down to a couple people that we believe had something to do with the fires or have more information about them," said Special Agent Kristen Detineo of the ATF Chicago Field Division.

Detineo is investigating a total of 20 arsons of government buildings or businesses and seven arsons of government vehicles. So far, no arrests have been made.

"This is why we are releasing these images and really hoping for additional cooperation from the public," Detineo said.


Person of interest in Kenosha arson (Courtesy: ATF)


Person of interest in Kenosha arson (Courtesy: ATF)


Person of interest in Kenosha arson (Courtesy: ATF)

Helping the local office, the ATF's national response team has also been deployed to Kenosha. Highly-specialized, certified fire investigators and certified explosives specialists will be assisting in determining the origin and cause of the incidents.

"A fire investigation is very unique, right? Because you don't initially know that it's a crime. It could be an accidental cause," John Underwood, special agent in charge of ATF's National Center for Explosives Training and Research, said.


United States Department of Justice Explosives and Fire Investigation vehicle

The outside agencies provide critical resources for local law enforcement during a time when emotions are already running high in the community.

"They were able to do for us in one week what would have probably taken the Kenosha Police Department and Fire Department working jointly together, near a year to get done," said Kenosha Police Lt. Joseph Nosalik. 

The partnership, Nosalik said, will ultimately help bring closure to the residents who lost their livelihoods and will hold those responsible accountable.

"What I witnessed in that following week was devastating to see," Nosalik said. "To let the world know that this is not acceptable anywhere, is the important piece here."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the following agencies:

  • Kenosha Police Department: 262-605-5203
  • Kenosha Crime Stoppers: 262-656-7333
  • ATF: 1-800-283-8477 (1-800-ATF-TIPS)
  • ATF Email: ATFTips@atf.gov

Information may also be submitted anonymously via www.ReportIt.com on the Report It mobile app. When using Report It, select "ATF - Chicago Field Division" as the reporting agency.