Daring 21-hour rescue mission saves 6 hikers stranded atop Maine mountain

Katahdin (Credit: North Search and Rescue)

It took 21 hours and a daring rescue to save the lives of six hikers stranded at the top of a Maine mountain.

North Search and Rescue said in a Facebook post the events unfolded Saturday night after a group of first responders set out to hike Katahdin to find the hikers. 

As the night went out, a shelter in place order was issued after wind speeds started gusting up to 30 miles per hour and temperatures started falling. 

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The group of first responders had to hunker down and wait out the weather conditions until daylight.  

When morning came, the first responders continued up the mountain with the assist of a Maine National Guard helicopter overhead. 

It took several hours to rescue the hikers. 

In all, North Search and Rescue said the first responders spent 21 hours in active response. 

The hikers were reunited with their family and friends. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.