Daily News online now behind paywall

The Daily News is "New York's hometown newspaper" but if you want to read it online you'll have to pay.

This week the paper became the latest to put up a metered paywall requiring readers to buy a digital subscription to read more than 10 online articles a month.

The Daily News joins the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and countless other national and local papers that have put up paywalls.

Jon Friedman, who teaches journalism at Hunter College and Stony Brook, said this is just a sign of the times. He said if these papers don't find a way to make money online they will die—it is that simple.

The move comes five months after Chicago-based company Tronc purchased the Daily News. Editor-in-Chief Jim Rich said in a letter to readers: "The Daily News has not been immune to the economic challenges facing all news outlets over the past few years."

But whether readers buy that, or more importantly buy a subscription, remains to be seen.

If you are already a subscriber to home delivery of the newspaper, you will have unlimited online access. Also, the stories on the paper's homepage and section front pages will be free for everyone.