Daily Harvest ships frozen 'superfoods' to your door

Daily Harvest is the solution to a modern eating dilemma, according to CEO and founder Rachel Drori. Her New York-based company uses the freezer a vehicle to solve that common problem: most of us would like to eat healthier foods, but we just don't have the time.

Daily Harvest makes ready-to-blend smoothies, ready-to-heat soups, overnight oats, and chia parfaits. They recently launched harvest bowls, too. Rachel says they're all whole, unrefined, unprocessed, clean foods, delivered directly to the consumer to be eaten, blended, and heated on your own time.

Daily Harvest comes in gluten-free, vegan, single-serve cups that cost $6.99-$7.99 each, depending on how many you order. Rachel says they're simple: you just open up the cups, add liquid, pour into your blender, and in 30 seconds you have an amazing smoothie developed by a chef and a nutritionist, right in your home.

All of the ingredients are listed on the back of the cups, which are frozen on the farm at peak nutrition, oftentimes making them healthier than fresh produce.

When you don't hyper-process, refine, or preserve the contents of what you put in your freezer, Rachel says, you actually have something that's more nutritionally valuable than a lot of the stuff you're buying at the grocery store.

Still not convinced they taste great? (I tried her soups and smoothies—they're delicious).

Just ask some of her famous financiers like Shaun White and Haylie Duff who helped the company raise $43 million in its second round of funding.

What's actually crazy, Rachel says, is that they never went out to seek celebrity funding. Serena Williams' fiancé, Alex Ohanian, reached out to her, said they were huge fans, and wanted to get involved.

The same thing happened with Gwyneth Paltrow. One of her Goop editors wrote about Daily Harvest, Gwyneth found out about it, and got involved as an investor very organically.

Daily Harvest recently launched lattes and DH x by CHLOE pink smoothies.

Next up? Investing in organic farms. Rachel says they want to commit to growing the pool of organic overall, and hopefully drive organic prices down, further democratizing wellness.