Dad treating patients at high risk hospital shares touching moment with son: 'We miss him'

Doctor shares heartwarming moment with son. (Alyssa Burks - Facebook)

A father working at a high risk hospital shared an intimate moment with his 1-year-old before heading back to work.

Jared Burks is a resident physician who specializes in Family Practice. He works at a local Arkansas hospital and due to high risk of potential COVID-19 exposure, he is living apart from his family. 

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His wife, Alyssa Burks, told FOX 5 she and 1-year-old Zeke are currently living with her parents while Jared lives at their home which is one-hour away. 

When Jared is able to, he visits his family but can only see them through a glass door. 

In a recent photo Alyssa posted to Facebook, Jared and Zeke are seen sharing a heartwarming moment where the pair placed their hands on the door while looking intently at each other.

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The caption read:

“Look who we finally got to see today! Not going to pretend that I didn’t bawl like a baby when he left to go back to work. We miss him, but we are doing what we have to do. Count your blessings. That’s what’s getting us through this!”

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Many families across America are facing similar struggles where they cannot be together for fear of spreading the coronavirus to loved ones.

“The biggest challenge for us specifically has been the time we’ve had to spend away from each other. Alyssa said, “With no clear date that we can move back into the same home together and safely again. There are just so many unknowns at this point, and that is the most challenging part.”

Alyssa’s message to other families in the medical field is that you are not alone.

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“We are facing this together. There are sacrifices being made by medical professionals and their families every day, and this is one of those sacrifices that some of us are making to help slow the spread of this virus,” Alyssa said. 

She’s urging that everyone please stay home so that her family and countless others can be together again.

“Stay home for those you love. Stay home so that those on the frontlines of this can remain well enough to care for the ones who need them most.”