Cuomo calls for legalization of marijuana in NYS

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to legalize adult-use cannabis throughout the State of New York. Cuomo made the announcement during a speech previewing his gubernatorial agenda for the first 100 days of 2019.

Cuomo addressed the New York City Bar Association Monday morning.

"Let’s legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana once and for all,” said Cuomo.

Estimates hover around $2B in revenue from recreational marijuana sales.

Cuomo had talked about the legalization of marijuana earlier in the year but now with Democratic majorities in Albany the legislation is likely to pass.

The governor once called marijuana a gateway drug. Cuomo then asked the State Dept. of Health to do a complete study on marijuana. The results found that the benefits of recreational use outweighed the risks. 

Medical marijuana was legalized in New York four years ago.

Ten states and Washington, D.C. allow adult-use marijuana.