'Crazy Cowboy' rides motorized bull in Manhattan

It takes a lot to turn heads in New York City. And Stephen Bacque has managed to do that. Bacque is the self-proclaimed "Crazy Cowboy" who lives in Cranford, New Jersey, but is originally from Texas.

We first met him back in September as he rode around his Jersey neighborhood on a mechanical horse. Now Bacque is steering his mechanical bull around Madison Square Garden to bring attention to the professional bull riding event and handing out free tickets whenever he can.

"I thought it was actually a real bull for a second," said one onlooker.

"I thought it was really cool," said another.

"Everybody smiles and looks and says 'What!'" Bacque said. "In between me and 'Bucky the Bull,' we are turning heads."

On the rear of Bucky the steer is a white sign letting people know his act isn't just bull.

"I'm also a vet and have a special-needs son," Bacque said. "So we want to create jobs and business opportunities to help these people turn their life around. It's not about a hand-out but hand-up."

He even grabbed the attention of a young lady who donated money to Bacque's mission.

"They fought for me and I appreciate everything they've done," she said.

"We're all about having fun and helping people," Bacque said.

Yee-Haw to that.