Cow gives birth to quadruplets

A Minnesota cow has given birth to quadruplets.   Experts say the odds of a cow having quadruplets is one in 700-thousand.

But the odds of keeping all four alive are even greater — one in 11-point-two million.

The cow that gave birth to the quadruplets had been a mother before. But the first two times she gave birth, it was to single calves.

With two new male calves and two new female calves, the Beldo family have had to carry the weight. They've been bottle-feeding the calves about every four hours. 

Farmer Deb Beldo says, "First time. I've been around cattle all my life, and I've never seen anything like it before."

The family posted pictures of the new calves on Facebook, and the post went viral, being shared some 80-thousand times, throughout the world. 

The owners say the calves are doing really well. The Beldos say that they recently had bottle holders installed so they won't have to feed the calves by hand anymore.

Chuck Beldo says, "(They're) doing really good. It's amazing you could grab a hold of them when they were first born, there was not much calf there. And they've grown a lot."