Couple honeymooned at WM Open, returns for 50th anniversary

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Fifty years ago today, Dick and Helen Payne were at the Waste Management Open as newlyweds celebrating their honeymoon.

"My father-in-law came to us and said, 'I'm going to pay for your honeymoon. You can go anywhere you want,' and we said, 'Well Scottsdale's fine,'" said Dick Payne.

The couple is now back at the WM Open celebrating their 50th anniversary, while also volunteering to help quiet down some of the rowdy folks.

"It's totally different, it's a different golf course. They didn't have 200,000 people in one day," said Payne.

Even though the tournament itself is different compared to five decades ago, the tournament holds a special meaning to them.

"It's hard to remember except it's so much bigger now, the traffic, and just everything available here," said Payne. "But 50 years ago is a little fuzzy."

They're celebrating their golden anniversary with friends and family tonight, but he needed to know one thing: what's the secret to a happy, long-term marriage?

"I've been thinking about this one. In five words, the first two words are mine, 'yes, dear.' And the second three are both of us. 'I love you, yes I love you, right, I love you. And we probably tell each other that every day, more than once, we just do it," said Dick.