Coronavirus concerns lead NFL prohibition of cheerleaders and mascots on field

The NFL is continuing to make the necessary changes to ensure the season will happen amid a coronavirus pandemic, and the latest change will have the field looking very different.

Clubs were sent an updated NFL-NFL Players Association protocol on Wednesday that states that cheerleaders and mascots will be prohibited on the field during the games, the NFL Network reported.

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The move likely comes as the league looks to eliminate any nonessential members to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Others on the list include sideline reporters and pregame TV reporters.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the lack of fans in the stands come Sept. 10.

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The NFL has not issued a league-wide policy regarding having fans in attendance but most teams have opted for an empty stadium.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced earlier this week that they would have fans at a reduced 22 percent capacity and that they would allow social distance tailgating.

“As the season progresses, the club will follow the guidance of local officials and public health experts, with the potential that local regulations will allow for different capacities at different points during the season,” team said in a press release.

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