Cop stabbed, suspect shot in Brooklyn

NYPD officers shot and injured a man who attacked them with a pair of knives in Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon. 

According to authorities, an officer in uniform was walking near 2875 West 8th Street in Brooklyn when he observed the suspect, a 57-year-old man wearing thick red gloves wielding two knives standing outside of a silver SUV that was blocking traffic.

As the officer approached to investigate, the man rushed towards the officer with one of the knives raised.

Authorities say the first officer quickly created distance between him and the suspect. Soon afterward, community members alerted other officers walking nearby about the confrontation.

The officers rushed to help, and as they did, the suspect began to advance on them.

According to Sewell, one officer gave the man numerous orders to drop the knives, but the suspect continued to charge at them. That was when one of the officers opened fire, firing four times, hitting the suspect in the leg and shoulder.

Despite falling to the ground, the suspect refused to let go of one of the knives, struggling with police. During that struggle, police say one of the officers was sliced in the hand.

The injured officer, a 6-year-veteran of the department, is recovering in the hospital.

The suspect was subdued and taken to the hospital in stable condition.  Police identified him as Richard Paris of Brooklyn.

Paris, 57, is charged with assault on a police officer and several other charges.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell discussed the incident, praising the courageous actions of the NYPD officers involved.

"I have to commend the actions of these brave officers," Sewell said. "While we do not know the motive behind this attack we certainly know that the actions of these officers exemplify what it means to be New York's finest."