Cop poses with man's anti-cop tattoos

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Bangor Maine Police Department

A police officer in Maine is getting a laugh out of a man's tattoo that says, "Cops Suck."

The Bangor Police Department on Monday posted a Facebook photo of the man holding out his fists with letters tattooed on his knuckles next to a smiling officer. The photo has more than 3,700 likes.

In a Facebook post the department wrote:  "Officer Jimmy Burns and Officer Keith Larby had occasion to meet Russell this past weekend...Burns noticed the tattoos and Russell told the cops that he now regretted getting that written on his knuckles a few years back. They all shared a laugh and Russell agreed to let Burns get a photo of the ink. Larby stood in for comedic effect. A cop in the frame of this shot just makes it better."

The man was not arrested by the officers.

The police department has received attention in the past for using humor in its social media presence.

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