China using water sprays, facial recognition in jaywalking crackdown

China is investing in new technology that gives a brisk warning to potential jaywalkers... a splash of water to the face to make them think twice about crossing the street.

Some of China's major cities are using the high-tech system to keep pedestrians out of harm's way.  Hubei Province has yellow posts equipped with lasers and motion-sensors to detect jaywalkers when the crossing light is still red.

If they try to cross, water shoots out of the post, delivering a wet reminder that crossing the street is not permitted and is dangerous.

In Beijing, there is a large screen warning that cameras are watching pedestrians.  It advises them that if they violate the law they'll be sprayed with water in the face.

If pedestrians still continue to jaywalk the pedestrian monitors have facial recognition technology.  That can potentially be used to upload photos to the police to identify suspects.

China is hoping this technology can eliminate the country's jaywalking problem.

According to the World Health Organization, China had more than 260,000 road traffic deaths in 2013.