CBD-infused beverage company invites you to relax at its NYC popup

Some of the hottest trends of 2019 are coming together in a new pop-up in New York City: experiential retail, wellness, and CBD.

Recess is a recreational wellness brand that creates products and brand experiences to help people feel balanced and centered so they can be their most productive and creative selves, according to founder and CEO Benjamin Witte.

Their most recent venture is Recess IRL (In Real Life), a pop-up on Broadway in NoHo centered around beverages.

Recess' first product is a line of sparkling water infused with hemp-extracted CBD and adaptogens that, Benjamin says, help you feel calm, balanced, and able to focus. Recess comes in three flavors: Peach Ginger, Pom Hibiscus, and Blackberry Chai. An 8-pack costs $40.


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Benjamin says the drink is primarily designed to be consumed during the work day as a productivity enhancer. The idea is that you can't be productive or creative if you're stressed out or anxious.

Benjamin created the beverages to make it easier to take and benefit from CBD. He says he has always been a naturally wired and anxious person himself, and when he started using hemp-extracted CBD and adaptogens regularly, in oil or capsule form, he felt better.

But the point here isn't just to sell drinks. Benjamin says they wanted to create a space that the Recess community could come into and engage with the brand, while trying the product. They plan to hold four to five events a week there along with different creative partners.

Chill out in the blue room in the back. Benjamin says they'd be happy if you stayed and hung out for an hour. Rake the rock garden, which is surprisingly relaxing. And soak up the Palm Springs vibe.

Benjamin says they wanted to create a world that transported people for a moment throughout their day. He was inspired by Palm Springs and Miami architecture and creating something a little psychedelic.

It's the new way of doing marketing in 2019. Benjamin says Recess has spent no money on marketing and advertising to date. Their strategy has been driven by content marketing and experiential marketing.

And it looks like it's working. In its first month in business, Recess had more than 4,000 backorders online. They've picked up more than 25,000 Instagram followers in less than five months. And they've raised $3 million in funding.

Recess IRL Popup | 680 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 | 646-590-6015 | takearecess.com/irl/