Cars smash into Wendy's 2nd time

PARAMUS, N.J. (AP) — Officials say two motorists crashed into a northern New Jersey fast food restaurant, the second time an accident has occurred at the location in almost three months. Police say a collision between a car and a minivan sent both vehicles into the Wendy's restaurant on state Route 4 in Paramus around 5 p.m. Thursday

Four people inside the restaurant were hospitalized with minor injuries. One of the injured patrons was reportedly a minor. The two drivers were both unharmed.

Witnesses told police the driver of a red Toyota caused the crash by cutting off the minivan while entering the Wendy's parking lot.

Tom Jasko, of All Points Towing, says he believes the parking lot entrance has an engineering flaw.

The driver was ticketed for careless driving in the incident.

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