Brooklyn’s Blue Park skate park opens with upgrades

Brooklyn's refurbished Blue Park skate park debuted Sunday at Martinez Playground in Williamsburg.

For years, the park was the neighborhood spot for skaters, who created their own temporary obstacles, but over time, those obstacles deteriorated.

With the collaborative help of the skate park project and "Vans Skateboarding," New York City Parks was able to update the space, taking about four months. 

The renovations include a recoated skating surface, three new obstacles and a full restoration of the 7,000 square foot space. Renovations also include new basketball equipment, a safety walkway and new benches made from recycled materials.

Alec Beck, associate director of the skate park project, said skaters need a safe place to practice, especially in New York City.

"Blue Park has been a very special place in this area because of its smooth ground, simple obstacles and community vibe," he said.

"You can get so creative, mixing up your trick selections," one local skateboarder told FOX 5.

"We know there’s a ton of youth here that are excited about skateboarding so for us that’s a huge part of brand," Justine Villano, Director of Brand Management at VANS told FOX 5.