Brooklyn festival honors, highlights Caribbean heritage

New York is a melting pot of so many cultures, but to describe Caribbean Americans – it's best to use an example of a "chopped salad," where you can see all the different cultures and islands represented. 

The representation was on full display Sunday throughout the heart of Brooklyn for the Tropical Fete Carnival Festival.

"It’s important for us to have depth and meaning and purpose for our life, where we come from what we do," said Alton Aimable, the president of Tropical Fete Inc.

Lots of flags waved, and people danced to the live music as emcees called out each island by name, contributing to their rich history.

"I’m a proud Guyanese American," shared one of the emcees Melissa Noel.

She explained the fashion and vibrant colors we see during carnival celebrations are meant to make a statement.

"A lot of it came from fighting against forces trying to keep them from celebrating their roots, whether that’s drumming you know celebrating your freedom," Noel shared.

Regardless of age, everyone was all in on the celebration.

"I love the food the culture the vibe the clothing. Everybody seems to be very happy," shared a festival goer.

The festival was example of how Caribbean Americans are passing both culture and values down from one generation to the next whether it’s through singing, dancing costume design or stilts hovering high above the crowds.