Brooklyn factory churns out vinyl records

Vinyl records have been spinning or over one hundred years, and while everything from the cassette to the MP3 has changed music technology, the records are being churned out faster than ever in Brooklyn.

The technique hasn't changed much, but at record factory Brooklyn Phono in Sunset Park, Thomas Bernich is breathing new life into vinyl. He calls it a high-energy medium.

In a few simple steps, plastic in a range of colors is melted, extruded in a hockey puck form and pressed between two metal plates that emboss the plastic with the grooves and ridges that are the DNA of the music. A quick trim later, and a perfect disc is born.

Pressing thousands of records featuring music from up-and-coming artists to legends like Bob Dylan and Joan Jett, Brooklyn Phono has grown since Bernich started it back in 2001, but remaining true to its Brooklyn roots has always been important.