Brooklyn artist sculpts everyday items from stone

Tucked away on a quiet street in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, Robin Antar makes a lot of noise.

Robin is a sculptor who spends her time at home chipping away at marble, calcite, onyx -- you name it. She calls her art "realism in stone" because she makes everyday items and food look so real.

"America is comfort food," she said. "America is a bag of M&Ms, Milanos, Oreos."

This funky artist uses different stones to match the texture of each unique project. She creates everything from hot dogs to jean jackets, to boxing gloves, to a bag of potato chips weighing 3,500 pounds.

Robins said pop culture inspires each of her projects.  She hopes to leave behind a trace of today's America for future generations.

"Realism in stone to me is taking popular American culture," she said. "What is America today and documenting it in stone. 2,000 years from now who knows if there's going to be a jean jacket, a bottle of Scotch."

The everyday consumer can get some of Robin's work for as low as $120, such as a salt holder. But a huge bag of potato chips goes for about $300,000.

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