How a severed leg ended up on subway tracks in the Bronx

A severed human leg found over the weekend on subway tracks in the Bronx could belong to a man who was hit by a train days earlier, the New York Post reported.

The left leg was discovered by MTA workers on Saturday afternoon in the path of a "4" train between the 167th St. stop and 170th St. stop.

According to the Post, authorities believe the leg was separated from the man who was hit by a train miles away and days earlier.

The man's body was discovered nearly nine miles away on Feb. 12 at the Spring Street station in Lower Manhattan, the Post reported.

Investigators believe a train could have dragged the leg for miles up to the 167th Street stop, but they have yet to confirm if the leg belongs to the man. 

There is also no word on what led up to his death, but investigators said no criminality is suspected. His identity is unknown.

Meanwhile, according to data from the MTA, the number of train collisions with people in New York City has seen a concerning increase in the past four years.

In 2022, there were 234 incidents, leading to the loss of 88 lives. Moreover, nearly 1,000 arrests were made in 2022 for subway surfers.

Most of the cases of people being struck by trains involve mentally ill individuals or people who voluntarily enter the tracks, the MTA said. 

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