Baltimore bridge collapse video: WATCH

Video shows the moment Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed overnight Tuesday, sending cars plunging into the river below as the span buckled.

The collapse happened after a container ship lost power and rammed into the major Maryland bridge at 1:30 a.m.


Photo courtesy Baltimore County Fire Department Rescue 1 Team ( )

The impact shattered the roadway above, sending vehicles and people plummeting into the icy waters of the Patapsco River below. Subsequently, the vessel ignited upon striking the support, engulfing in flames as black smoke filled the sky.

The ship struck one of the bridge’s supports, causing the structure to collapse like a toy. It tumbled into the water in a matter of seconds — a shocking spectacle that was captured on video and posted on social media. The vessel caught fire, and thick, black smoke billowed out of it.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow bridge collapse updates here as search for people continues

The Associated Press contributed to this report.