Brennan and Carr | The Dish

Brennan and Carr has been a staple in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, for decades. It is famous for its hot roast beef sandwiches. George Brennan and Edward Carr opened the restaurant on Nostrand Avenue in 1938.

Current owner Edward Sullivan has been running the place since the late 1970s after learning the ropes from his grandma Alice.

Something Brennan and Carr always gets right is the roast beef sandwich. The roast beef is thinly sliced to perfection. And each sandwich, including the bread, is dipped in beef broth, au jus.

Brennan and Carr is a neighborhood favorite for many, including Fox 5 sports anchor Russ Salzberg. He grew up in the neighborhood and has been a regular since he was a kid.

But before you dig in, a little tip from the expert Russ: you don't pick up the sandwich; you eat it with a fork and knife.

Of course, the sandwich is just as delicious as Russ said it would be.

While the neighborhood has changed, this place has stayed the same -- the same sandwich, the same people, the same feeling.

As for Sullivan, he says his grandma would be proud.

After all these years, Brennan and Carr is still serving up roast beef sandwiches with a side of Brooklyn charm.