Bodycam video: Deputy pulls burning car away from home in Chisago County

What does a vehicle fire, a tow strap and classical music have in common? That’s what the Chisago County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Office asked when sharing body-worn camera footage of a deputy pulling a burning car away from a home earlier this month to prevent a bigger disaster.

Deputy Scotty Finnegan was responding to a car fire outside of a house on Sept. 5, notably playing classical music as he raced to the scene.

Finnegan first tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, which wasn’t successful. Finnegan then asked the resident if they had a tow strap and quickly pulled the burning car away from the house so the home didn’t catch on fire.

"If you know Deputy Finnegan, you know he has a unique taste in music," the sheriff's office posted on Facebook.