Board chair: miscommunication over morning pledge at charter school

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Administrators at an Atlanta elementary charter school said there were some miscommunications when the Pledge of Allegiance would be said each day.

It was previously announced Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School would end a group pledge at their morning meeting but would allow for it in the classrooms at a later time of day.

A letter attributed to Elementary Campus Principal Lara Zelski dated Aug. 7 read:

After the story aired on FOX 5 News at 5 Thursday, the school board chair issued a statement which would reinstate the Pledge as part of the morning assembly routine.

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS) Governing Board Chair Lia Santos wrote:

According to the school’s website, the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School is a K-8 charter school with two campuses formed by the merger of two successful charter schools that have been operating in the Grant Park and Ormewood Park neighborhoods since 2002.