Bicyclist in Alaska gets mauled by 500-pound bear

A man was on a morning bike ride in Alaska when a 500-pound brown bear charged and attacked him.

It happened about 9:30 a.m. on October 19th.  Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Cantwell were notified of a possible bear mauling

The victim says he was riding his bicycle alone along a riverbed.  He says he saw a brown bear 10-15 yards away, running towards him.

He said that he jumped off his bicycle and began yelling at the bear. Just prior to the bear making contact, the victim fell to the ground and onto his back, covered his head, and believes he kicked at the bear.

The bear then bit his lower leg just below his knee.  The bear then immediately retreated into the vegetation the same way it approached.

After the bear left the area, the man walked to the highway and called a friend for a ride. The victim went to the Healy Medical Clinic for treatment of puncture wounds and a laceration.

The victim said he did not notice anything out of the ordinary prior to the mauling but did say he noticed bear tracks in the snow.

He believes the bear was alone and approximates the bear'

s weight at 500lbs. The man was carrying a firearm but did not discharge it during the encounter.