Baby born with heart-shaped birthmark on forehead

It's hard not to love this baby who was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead.

When baby Çinar was born, his father Murat Engin, 30, of Ankara, Turkey, said he couldn't believe his eyes.

"After a nurse cleaned the blood on his head I was the first who see the birthmark on his head," Engin told Caters News. "When I came close to his head, I realized that it was an amazing heart. It was difficult for me to keep my tears."

Even the nurses, who immediately nicknamed him, "Love Baby," couldn't help but take selfies with little Çinar.

Engin said no one else in their family bears the same birthmark, and they believe it's a sign of good luck.

Now, at 14-months-old, the little boy only seems to be gaining more and more admirers.

When the family is out, Engin said they often have fans stop them, and ask to snap photos with the child.

"All people smile [at] us and love him," he said. "It was really like a gift from God."