Author: NYC is bad for young single women seeking love

Are you a young college-educated single woman looking for love in New York City? You might want to, well, move to another city. Jon Birger, author of the new book called "Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game," says the odds are stacked against college-educated twentysomething women looking to get married.

"It's gotten to the point among millennials there are now four college grad women for every three college grad men," he says. "In cities like New York the numbers are actually worse than the Census numbers indicate."

He says that an undersupply of men in the college dating pool means there will be an oversupply in the working-class dating pool.

"That is in fact the reality. So I have this line in the book instead of an Upper East Side wine bar you might want to try a fireman's bar in Staten Island," he says.

And if you want increase your chances of marriage after college consider thinking about it in high school. Choose a college with more men than women.

Already out of college? Birger suggests moving to Denver, the San Francisco Bay area, or Silicon Valley -- where college-aged men outnumber college-aged women. Not only will there be more men to choose from, those men are likely to treat you better or risk losing you to another man.