Assisted living home residents are looking for pen pals during a time of isolation amid pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has put a hamper on almost all of our daily activities, including socializing with other people. For seniors in assisted living homes, their time in isolation has been especially lonely.

To stop the spread of the virus and protect their residents’ health, Victorian Senior Care implemented strict no-visitor rules at all of its 14 locations in North Carolina. Nearing almost four months in quarantine, residents at Victorian Senior Care facilities came up with a way to communicate and connect with new friends.

Smiling residents in the various Victorian Senior Care communities posed while holding signs that displayed their names and interests. The staff then shared images of the residents on Facebook, encouraging people online to send letters to the seniors.

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“Residents at Phoenix Assisted Care are wanting to hear from you!” wrote Victorian Senior Care in the post. “Find a new friend and send them a letter to the address listed below with their name as the recipient. We can’t wait to hear from you!”

“Will you be my pen pal?” reads one of the photos on a now-viral Facebook post from the senior living home.

People around the world have responded with an enthusiastic yes.

“Absolutely love this idea! Wish more care homes/senior homes did this,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Are we allowed more than one pen pal?” asked another commenter. “I looked through all these wonderful people and I feel like I connect with more than one of them.”

With their wide variety of interests, ranging from sports to board games to music, the seniors and staff hope that there will be plenty of online friends to write letters to the residents.

During the course of the pandemic, people have been finding inventive ways to keep seniors in good health and good spirits. In May, one Australian family set out to create a delightful, at-home underwater experience for their loved one.

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Anyone interested in becoming a pen pal can visit the official Facebook page of the care facility. From there, you can scroll through the numerous photos of senior residents and find further information on where to send your letters.