Arizona Humane Society seeks volunteers for kitty ICU

If you thought taking care of baby kittens was just kisses and cuddles, then you're absolutely right.

"It's the funnest volunteer job I've ever had," Susan Weber said.

Welcome to the Arizona Humane Society's new 24-hour Bottle Baby Intensive Care Unit, where they may need more help, but there's not shortage of cuteness.

Just ask Susan Weber, who says she never thought she would convert to being "feline-friendly."

"I'm a dog person, I have dogs at home and I never was interested in kittens or cats before this, but this definitely changed my attitude, it's just the most rewarding feeling," she said.

The kittens here are so young, they need to be bottle fed, weighed and of course get in a few snuggles. As cute as they may  be, it is a responsibility and that's why the humane society is ready to set you up for success with easy at-home training.

"This is a really new innovative thing the AHS is doing; our baby bottle foster training," Ashleigh Goebel said. "How to mix the formula, everything you need to know."

With kitten season just kicking off, Ashleigh says they can use all the help they can get, adding that if you come across a litter, it's best to wait before dropping them at a shelter immediately.

"You wait an hour or two to make sure mom isn't around, it's quite possible she's out there and she's hunting for food and she's going to be returning," she said. "Their best chance of survival is with their mom."