Appeals court orders new congressional lines in New York

A mid-level state appeals court on Thursday ordered new congressional lines be drawn for New York, a ruling that could benefit Democrats in the 2024 fight for control of the U.S. House.

In the last midterms, Democrats lost seats in the House to Republicans due to redistricting. 

"The balance of power is very important, how these lines are drawn are really critical," said Basil Smikle, a Democratic strategist. 

This ruling is bittersweet for former Democratic Representative Carolyn Maloney.

"It was really, really rigged and Republicans gained, I think, five seats and, and the failure of this process is, is just an absolutely there in plain sight, and it's obvious the lines were really skewed to help the Republicans," Maloney told FOX 5 NY. 

Maloney lost her seat after new district lines combined the Upper East and West sides of Manhattan forcing her to run against another long-serving Democrat - Congressman Jerry Nadler - who won. 

"I think it's the right decision. I think it's a fair decision. It's a decision that should be made earlier, but it's been made now and, and I think it's the right one," Maloney said. 

New York State law dictates once the maps are drawn - they stay in effect for 10 years -  and Republicans are already planning to challenge this ruling.

"There's no legal basis to be changing the maps at this point in fact, it's a violation of the New York constitution to alter the maps mid-decade," said Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis. "Democrats can't compete on merit. They can't compete on debate. They know they can't win on policy. So the only way for them to win seats is to basically change the maps so they are in their favor come the next election. It is very corrupt."