Affordable Brooklyn apartments in high demand

The Bergen Saratoga Apartments, named after the intersection it sits on, in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn appears to be an example of what happens when you put the people over profits.

Martin Dunn, president of Dunn Development, says the apartment complex is a mix of affordable and supportive housing that serves working families as well as formerly homeless people who have on-site services.

It is a 5-story, 80-unit building that features touches typically reserved for the elite. Outdoor garden and playground, computer lab for residents, investments in artwork. 

Dunn says this is a mission for him. His goal with the project was to create the highest level of housing for people in Brooklyn regardless of how much money they make. And when you talk to people it is clear that pride and self-worth are infectious for the whole community.

Camba non-profit social services agency has offices in the complex. The agency helps people who are transitioning out of homelessness.

The apartments are available by lottery. 55,000 applicants entered for 39 apartments -- a minority in terms of focus, a majority of the people.