Adorable video shows bonobo playing with her granddaughter at Cincinnati Zoo

A bonobo at an Ohio zoo enjoyed playtime with her granddaughter, and it was all captured in an adorable video.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden's video shows the primate named Lana playing with her granddaughter Amali, to the delight of zoo visitors.

Little Amali, who is 8 months old, could be seen smiling and laughing as Lana showered her with kisses.

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Zookeepers say Lana turned 40 years old in 2020, making her the oldest female in the zoo's bonobo troop. She is the mom of Kesi, one of Amali's parents.

According to the zoo, bonobos are also called pygmy chimps, and are slightly smaller than the common chimpanzee.

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The bonobo is the closest living relative to humans, sharing more than 98% of its DNA.

"Like humans, bonobos live in family groups and are highly intelligent. They often stand upright on two feet as we do," the zoo says. "Bonobos are capable of making and using tools, a characteristic that once distinguished humans from other animals."