Ad urges Danish citizens to make babies on vacation

Denmark, like many counties in Europe, is in the midst of a birthrate crisis. The kind that means locals aren't having kids. Denmark's estimated 2015 birthrate of 10.27 births per 1,000 population ranks it No. 191st out of 224 counties, according to the CIA World Factbook. So what can be done to get Danes to make some babies?

Spies Travel, a vacation and travel company, has the answer. It wants Danes to go somewhere sunny and -- um -- get busy. Its marketing campaign is called Do It for Mom, meaning give Mom a grandkid.

"This year we are prescribing active holidays, because studies have proved that couples that sweat together have more sex," Spies says on its website. "This combined with the fact that you have 51% more sex on a sunny holiday will lead to more sex and therefore more babies aka grandchildren."

It has released an awkward and suggestive video showing young, impossibly good-looking Danes on vacation in a sunny place and being very physically active because that, supposedly, gets folks going.

"This year the Danes will conceive not only for their country but also for their moms," Spies Travel says. "We think that will do the trick."

Watch the video... Warning: it's corny and sexually suggestive.