A mother's cry for justice: Women sue NYC fertility clinic after eggs were lost or damaged

Lital Lev-Ary comes from a big family. She says her dream was to always have one of her own.

"My dream was having four kids and adopting two, being one big happy family," Lev-Ary said.

When she turned 35 she decided to freeze her eggs as a way to secure her future.


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She went ahead with the procedure, entrusting an Upper East Side fertility clinic with her decision. That clinic eventually transferred their IVF laboratory to a separate company, called Manhattan Fertility Services in 2016.

Lev-Ary went to retrieve her eggs from that facility, to start a family, and found out many of her eggs were damaged, or lost, making them unviable.

She says two of her eggs weren’t even labeled, so there was a chance they went to another patient

"How do I know they’re mine? I might have actually kids out there somewhere, and I’m not part of their life," Lev-Ary said.


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She eventually did have a son, on her own but now Lev-ary is one of the patients suing the Manhattan Fertility Services Clinic for medical malpractice and negligence.

She has also filed complaint with the New York State Department of Health.

The procedure to freeze your eggs can cost thousands of dollars is often not covered by health insurance.

Lev-Ary says she wants to shed light on how common errors in fertility clinics can be, and their devastating effects.

"I want women to find the right place. Do your due diligence. Do your research," Lev-Ary said. 

Fox5 has reached out to Manhattan Fertility Services for a comment but have not heard back.


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