9-year-old boy from NYC shot and killed in Dominican Republic

A 9-year-old boy from the Bronx has died after being shot and killed while on vacation in the Dominican Republic in what police say was a botched robbery.

According to Dominican officials, Gioser Luis Féliz and his family arrived in Santiago on Wednesday and were riding inside a rental car when a group of men began following them. 

Dominican police say that as they were leaving the airport, their car was swarmed by a group of robbers. When the rental car driver refused to stop, one of the robbers opened fire, striking Gioser in the head.

Authorities say the Gioser died in surgery.

Gioser Luis Féliz

A photo of 9-year-old Gioser Luis Féliz and his father, Sergio Luis Feliz Mancebo.

By Friday, officials in Santiago said they had arrested six men in connection with the shooting. In a disturbing turn, Santiago News Outlet SIN News is reporting that at least one of the suspects was a friend of Gioser's father, Sergio.

Officials say that Gioser was a 4th grader and attended school in the Bronx. He and his family had traveled to the Dominican Republic for Spring break.

Gioser's father says he believes that a photo of him and his son posted to social media just before they took off made have made their targets for the robbers.

Family members say that Gioser's body will be flown back to the U.S. in the next few days.