81-year-old Oak Park woman gets water bill for $8,000

Oak Park senior citizen Faye Jones wrote to FOX 2 for help. The 81-year-old said she has been a resident in Oak Park, Mich. since 2011 and says she somehow received a water bill for over $6,000. Now her bill is up to $8,208.39. 

She said $117.34 is a normal water bill which she got in February. 

"This is ridiculous, the city should know that something is wrong," Jones said.

FOX 2 went to Erik Tungate, the city manager.

"From three to 450 units, that says something's not right," Tungate said. 

Tungate said that the city will check to see if her water meter is broken and then check for leaks. 

"There are water leaks and water meter issues no matter where you are," Tungate said. "I don't think we are unique at all. What is unique, is how we will handle them.

"We are going to do what is fair."